We’ve been replacing unsustainable packaging with innovative paper and plant based products for the past 5 years. Over 40 million shipments later, we know a thing or two about packaging that serves its purpose, then disposes easily. Whether you’re shipping frozen steaks in middle of summer, or simply need an economical and recyclable parcel for same day unattended grocery delivery – we’ve got your perishable shipping needs covered. Let us help you develop a better unboxing experience today.

Understanding and combatting heat transfer.

Fourier’s laws are universal. Our job is to design around them to create a product that meets your expectations. Our team of material scientists understands that the corners and edges of your package will behave differently than the faces, and that conduction occurs most prominently through the bottom of your package. We’ve studied the effects of moisture and condensation on bio-based coatings and paper board – oh and we know how long it takes for a filet mignon to thaw as it gets to your customer.


Just like in your house, warm air rises and cool air falls inside a perishable shipment. As a result, the corners of your package tend to take the most temperature beating. We develop products with defined hinges and precise lengths to ensure a perfect seal.


Compression can lead to a significant loss in r-value, or how well your insulation is actually working. The heavier your product is, the more compression you'll experience. We have a range of solutions that hold up to your product's weight to help decrease this compression.

Undefined Hinges

Many insulation mats encapsulated in plastic film don’t have rigid hinges, leaving gap space in the corners of your pack-out. This increases the likelihood of incomplete seals lowering thermal protection. Our flagship ClimaCell insulation features discrete hinges to combat this issue.

Top Flap Failure

Watch out for insulating materials that don't precisely fit your box dimensions. This can cause the top flap to fold over, leaving gap space at the top of your box that warm air can be trapped in, making your shipment reach undesirable temperatures sooner than anticipated.

Our Top Performers

We design everything we make in our in-house R&D department and produce it at mass scale in our factories. Below are three of our best performing designs.

Meet Styrofoam's Replacement

ClimaCell® is our flagship insulating product, capable of equal thermal performance as Styrofoam® and fully curbside recyclable.

Styrofoam® is a registered trademark of Dow.

Recycledfrom the Start.

Our Fiber product features recycled cotton and jute material in a flat-packed form factor that saves storage in your facility.

The Features You Want

Our portfolio of products gives you the option to pick and choose what's most important to you in terms of shipping needs. Below are just some of our key product features.

Online Grocery

Online grocery sales grew 22% in 2019. Is your doorstep packaging working?

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Shipping Wine?

We have solutions to help you ship vintages safely through the summer months.

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We’ve helped dozens of companies reduce their packaging costs and lower their overall impact on the environment. Give us a shout and we’ll work with you to develop a solution that suits your shipping needs.

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Our clients ship millions of our sustainable liners every month. In order to continue to make a better product, we’d love to hear from you. If you received a shipment with a ClimaCell liner in it, let us know how your experience was.

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