In today’s world, doing well and doing good are no longer at odds. We started TemperPack to make great packaging products that leave an impression on the people who use them. Whether it's a fresh e-commerce food delivery or a monthly shipment of biologic drugs, we feel that consumers deserve smarter solutions than generic plastic foam coolers. To do this, we focus on design-forward approaches to merging sustainability and functionality for clients that ship time-sensitive materials.

Why Cold Chain Packaging?

The rise of the both food and pharmaceutical deliveries is one of the fastest growing shipping markets, and with that comes a lot of waste.  We’re looking to makea dent in that.

Sustainable is the new norm.

98% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of brands that are more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Fresh, first and foremost.

77% of consumers say the most important aspect of a company’s perishable shipping packaging keep products fresh.

Less waste.

Packaging waste represents one-third of all municipal trash, costing local governments billions each year in disposal costs.

Our Approach
Our Approach

TemperPack solves thermal packaging problems through sustainable design. We specialize in bringing custom solutions for clients to scale in the perishable food and life sciences industries.

2018 Goals

TemperPack has been growing rapidly since we were founded in 2015. As we continue to expand, we’ve set some goals of our own to be as earth-friendly a company as possible.


Carbon Emissions Avoided (CO2E)


Plastic foam diverted from landfills


Jobs Created

Our Reach

TemperPack’s strategically located manufacturing facilities allow efficient distribution across the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe.

Primary Manufacturing Facility
Primary Manufacturing Facility
Primary Manufacturing Facility
Secondary Manufacturing Facility
Secondary Manufacturing Facility
Secondary Manufacturing Facility
Secondary Manufacturing Facility
Primary Manufacturing Facility

Meet the Team

Our experienced team brings a powerful blend of analytic and creative skills from diverse fields. We’ve employed packaging designers, qualifications engineers, logistics and warehousing experts, strategic sourcing and supply chain managers all to help design a custom packaging solution that fits your needs.


Have a passion for sustainable design? Our east coast and west coast teams are growing quickly, so click below to see all of the opportunities currently available at TemperPack.


We’ve helped dozens of companies reduce their packaging costs and lower their overall impact on the environment. Give us a shout and we’ll work with you to develop a solution that suits your shipping needs.

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Want to learn more about our approach to packaging design and sustainability? Click below to check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Still have questions? Reach out and we’ll let you know what we know.

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