Breaking Down 4.7+ Million

What's in a number?

4.7 million pounds is a tough amount to fathom. To better understand it, we’ve pulls some key numbers below.

21 Blue Whales

4.7 million pounds is the equivalent of twenty-one Pacific blue whales. That's moby dickulous.

2 Sequoia Trees

Or the same weight as nearly 2 sequoia trees. These 275-foot tall and 102-foot circumference trees have branches that are almost 7 feet in diameter.

Total Volume

In terms of the actual amount of space that is, we’ve helped eliminate 1,743,705 cubic feet of material from landfills! That’s roughly the equivalent of 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

We can do better than plastic.

We are on a mission to eliminate EPS coolers from the packaging world. These coolers will live in landfills for thousands of years.

Plant-based is the future.

Our plant-based packaging material, ClimaCell, offers similar thermal performance to EPS, is made from renewable resources, and is curbside recyclable. We are diverting landfill waste with every package we send.

Your Company's Impact

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Sustainable. Affordable. Controlled.

ClimaCell, is made from renewable plant-based components. With excellent thermal performance and a competitive cost structure, it is the ideal replacement for unsustainable insulators, like Styrofoam®.

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