Hours of duration at -20°C.

This ready engineered solution opens up the possibilities for ground shipping domestically as well as international shipping for any products that need to remain frozen for the duration of transit.

Frozen, for about a week.

One of the biggest challenges in cold chain is maintaining frozen for extended durations. Our TP-669-300 solution solves that problem in a big way.

Large Payload

At 10L, the available payload space can hold 900 2mL Vials in a frozen state for six days.

Curbside Recyclable

As with all of our ClimaCell® products, once the shipment is used it is easily recyclable alongside the corrugated box it shipped in.

Ready Engineered Solutions

If you think retesting is a hassle, think again. We have a fleet of ready-engineered solutions that meet your shipping criteria.

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