Our Mission & Values

We protect products with packaging that protects the Earth.

At TemperPack, we make packaging that protects what’s inside the box and what’s outside: our planet. Single use plastic packaging takes hundreds of years to degrade and is filling up our oceans. To fight this, TemperPack uses material science and high-tech manufacturing to make the world’s best protective packaging, meeting the performance needs of our clients and the sustainability needs of our planet. We’re here to make a big impact: our goal is to be the world’s largest sustainable thermal packaging company by 2020, and largest sustainable protective packaging company by 2025.

Shoot for the moon – and land there.
We are ambitious with our goals and with our execution.

Love the process.
The reward is the journey. Problems are welcome opportunities to beat the competition.

Do it together.
We are all TemperPackers. We take the time and patience to develop each other as individuals and teams capable of anything.

Be the most respected.
Safety, integrity, accountability, and pride in the TemperPack way. Doing the right thing, the right way, every time.

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