In 2022, we expanded our solutions to displace single use plastic packaging, through:

Acquiring KTM Industries and their compostable Green Cell Foam

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Launching WaveKraft, an on-demand, curbside recyclable, paper insulation system

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But protecting the earth also means understanding our own impact, setting goals for reducing that impact, and sharing all that information with stakeholders. If you’ve made it to our website and are reading this, you’re a stakeholder. We welcome any feedback you have.

Our impact on the  environment .

As a company dedicated to reducing the environmental burden of packaging, it matters to us that we know the impact of not only what we make, but how we make it.

Scope 1

814MT of CO2e

This number includes gas for trucks, natural gas, and propane used in our operations in 2022.

Scope 2

3,992MT of CO2e

This number includes purchased electricity used at all five facilities in 2022.

Scope 3

18,321MT of CO2e

This estimate comes from partial data from upstream and downstream activities, including raw material production, transportation, and disposal of our products. Emission calculations sourced from our LCA model built in SimaPro using EcoInvent and DATASMART databases. As our first year disclosing Scope 3, we expect this number to be more accurate next year, with the inclusion of employee travel and other material categories.

Intensity Factors by Product

2021 2022

Scope 1 + 2 (KG CO2e per Kit)

0.11 0.15
kWh per Kit 0.31 0.30
Green Cell Foam (Q3/Q4 2022)

Scope 1 + 2 (KG CO2e per Kit)

- 0.04
kWh per Kit - 0.07

Intensity Factors by Facility

Scope 1 Scope 2
ClimaCell (KG CO2e/kit)
Richmond, VA 0.035 0.089
Las Vegas, NV 0.006 0.179
Green Cell Foam (KG CO2e/board foot)
Holt, MI 0.008 0.032
Reno, NV 0.004 0.028

Increasing efficiency within our facilities.

On the ClimaCell side of the business, we made some material changes in our manufacturing process in our Richmond facility in 2022, which led to a 8 percent decrease in kWh per kit used.

We also ramped up a second manufacturing line in Las Vegas, which accounts for the increase in per kit kWh out of that facility.

Facility 2021 2022 % Change
Richmond, VA 0.268 0.249 -8%
Las Vegas, NV 0.367 0.383 4%
- Waste Diversion -

Cleaning House, One Step at a Time

By partnering with local material experts, we’ve diverted the following from ending up in landfills:

3,000 lbs

of food and organic waste from landfill by composting with NOPE

X lbs

of mixed paper, plastic, and metals by recycling with TFC Recycling

X lbs

of flexible plastic and hard to recycle materials through TerraCycle

In 2022, we protected over 30 million shipments of perishable goods with ClimaCell. By replacing their EPS insulation with ClimaCell, our customers avoided the creation of 40 million KG of CO2e.

That's the same as...


trees being planted and grown for 10 years.


increase over 2021


light bulbs changed from incandescent to LED.


increase over 2021


cars taken off the road for an entire year.


increase over 2021


American home’s electricity use for an entire year.


increase over 2021

Our  benchmarks  on social responsibility.

“I found TemperPack when I was looking for a job with a company more aligned with my personal values. I was determined to find a company that was creating and facilitating change to help our planet.”

— Mollie Jarrett, Account Management, 4 years at TemperPack


We're an ambitious company looking to do right by our employees.


Response Rate to our Employee Engagement Survey


Work Force “diversity” rate

Diverse is defined as traditionally under-represented groups across criteria including gender, race, or ethnicity.


of our work force is female.

According to the US Census, women make up only 30% of manufacturing workforce across the United States. As an American manufacturing company, we are proud to have a higher-than-average proportion of women in our workforce and embed programs, such as the LADIES Network, to support our women in career and leadership development.

L.A.D.I.E.S Group

After establishing the Leadership and Development In Executing Success (L.A.D.I.E.S) in 2020, TemperPack has continued to invest and empower its workforce for all genders by partnering with Cascade Leadership Partners for career development coaching. The group plans to use this training to launch a peer-to-peer coaching program to problem-solve and strengthen cross-functional relationships as the company continues to grow.

MRF Visit

In November, our sales, product engineering, and sustainability teams visited our regional material recovery facility, TFC Recycling, in central Virginia. In addition to deepening our ongoing relationship with stakeholders who process our product at the end of its life, the visit yielded industry insights for our team to apply to sustainable packaging design and market growth.

Family Day

This fall, TemperPack hosted our inaugural Family Day at each facility in Virginia in Nevada to share our mission with family and friends. Volunteers hosted guided tours of our manufacturing plants, highlighting the history of our purpose and our commitment to innovation in both our products and our process.

Evaluating the governance of our  business .

Our company’s commitment to maintaining ethical and responsible practices in all aspects of our operations, including our management structure, decision-making processes, and overall corporate governance.

- Governance -

In 2021, we partnered with Goldman Sachs Asset Management for an equity fundraising round. This strategic move enabled us to expand our operations and increase our market share while also gaining access to Goldman Sachs' expertise in building value across the enterprise, including best practices in ESG.

Materiality Topics

Identified 3 Material Topics: Climate Change, Product Excellence, and Manufacturing Efficiency that will shape our goals

ESG Committee

After establishing our ESG Committee in 2021, the group expanded to include the SVP of Sales, VP of Supply Chain, and CFO to oversee sustainability reporting, communication, and set goals for improving our impact.

ISO Certification

Our manufacturing facilities in Richmond, Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada both feature ISO certification.

ISTA Certification

We maintained our ISTA certification in our Richmond testing and R&D facility, Proving Ground. With the KTM Industries acquisition, we've added a second testing facility to our portfolio in Holt, Michigan.

In 2022, our ISTA Certified lab was busy testing thermal performance of ClimaCell against incumbent insulation materials to curate custom pack outs for our customers.


Customer Pack-outs Tested


Custom Lab Reports Published

- Strategic Partnerships -

Lastly, we have purposefully surrounded ourselves with partners who help us stay informed and provide counsel when needed. In addition to our board, these include:

Clinton Global Initiative

In August 2022, we were asked to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative, an event that brings together those that are taking action on the world’s most pressing challenges. The event, put on by the Clinton Foundation focused on taking action together, and shed light on solutions like ClimaCell, helping eliminate the need for plastic-based insulating products.

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Improving our impact in 2022

- 2022 -
- 2022 -

Product Composition

Reduced the thickness of LDPE coating of our outer paper by 50% and increased the usable fiber in our outer paper, making it more valuable to MRFs and paper mills.

Silo Project

Reducing trucks, reducing carbon in upstream activity, increasing efficiency and air quality of manufacturing plant.


Launched WaveKraft, paper-based thermal insulation that reduces truck deliveries by 10x.

Our  goals  for 2023.

We think the best packaging solutions are one’s that use the least amount of material necessary, require the smallest amount of energy to produce, and can be produced, stored, and disposed of as efficiently as possible. With that in mind, here are our goals for 2023.

Build a Green Cell Foam vs. EPS comparative LCA model and submit it for panel for review to understand the product’s environmental impact.

Develop a more robust methodology for calculating Scope 3 emissions for our top material categories.

Reduce safety TRIR incidents by 25% for 2023.

Complete audit of supply chain to bolster transparency, mitigate risks, and find opportunities for greater efficiencies and improved environmental impacts.

Develop baseline impact metrics for our new WaveKraft product line.