WaveKraft is designed to be made in or near fulfillment centers, meaning smaller warehouse footprints, and lower shipping emissions.


WaveKraft is produced on-demand allowing the company who shipped it to you to produce exactly how much they needed. No excess, great success.


WaveKraft is a paper-based product, so recycling it provides mills with useful fibers for new products.

How to dispose of WaveKraft |

WaveKraft is designed to be recycled with the shipping box dropped on your doorstep.

Step 1:Remove the panels from the box.

Help out your Material Recovery Facility (MRF, ie. the place your recycling goes) by removing the panels and flatten the box. This saves space in your bin, and in the recycling collection truck.

Step 2:Stack panels and box in your blue bin.

Both the panels and the box they shipped in produce useful fibers in the recycling process. By stacking them together, they will sort and be bailed properly at the MRF.

Don't have curbside recycling?Sort WaveKraft panels with corrugated and other paper materials at your local recycling center.

Don't Compost.

WaveKraft is not suitable for composting – please recycle the panels and keep their paper fibers in circulation.

Why Paper?

Paper is one of the most recycled packaging materials in the US.

That's why we chose it as the base material for WaveKraft.


of paper was recycled in 2022.


of cardboard was recycled in 2022.


of paper mills in the US use recycled paper.

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