Want an insulated shipping solution that's as easy for your customers to dispose of as your meals are to make? Look no further.

Today’s prepared meals have come a long way since the concept was first introduced in the 50s. With a variety of focuses including weight loss, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle optimization, single pack meals solve a lot of problems for people and taste great doing it. So why are we still using decades-old technology to ship prepared meals?

TemperPack liners look to fix that. We’ve developed a number of liners that are great for shipping frozen, prepackaged meals designed to optimize box temperature and space efficiency.

Worried about temperature? Chill.
One of the keys to prepared meals is keeping them from thawing. We recommend shipping with dry ice because it’s colder, lighter and sweats less than regular ice.

The new space race.
Most prepared meal companies ship using EPS coolers. And while these coolers work well for shipping, their inefficient design leaves cost margins on the table that TemperPack looks to reduce, including warehouse space needed to store them. Our liners fold flat, meaning you can store up to 8 of our liners in the space that a single EPS cooler takes up.

Born to perform.
We’ve developed our liners with their entire life cycle in mind. Before they arrive at your facility they’ll have saved you money in freight costs. During shipment to your customers they’ll perform as well as if not better than traditional EPS coolers. And once your customers have received your meals, simply recycle the outer plastic liner and toss the insulation in the green bin for municipal composting.

Key Features


We believe that the product life should more closely match the usage life. This product can be composted, where it will biodegrade back into water, CO2, and dirt through anaerobic digestion.

Custom Branding

Private labeling is available with this product. Ask us how we can help you make a statement and enhance your brand.


When shipping, storing, and disposing, this design will fold flat to minimize space and improve handling. This decreases shipping costs and lowers warehousing space.

Best Products for Shipping Prepared Meals

We're always working to develop custom solutions based on our clients' form factors, and this is especially important when shipping prepared meals. Below are some of our favorite products for shipping prepared.

How It Works

Shipping a prepared meal with a TemperPack liner is eco-friendly, economical, but most importantly, it’s easy.

We’ll deliver flat packed TemperPack One-Piece or Two-Piece insulation packs to your facility.

Your warehouse workers place the TemperPack insulation packs into cardboard shipping boxes.

Fill each insulation pack with your prepackaged meals and dry ice. Seal the insulation pack and close the cardboard box.

Based on your shipping timelines the TemperPack insulation keeps your prepared meals frozen for up to 72 hours.

TemperPack Performance

We know our products will work as well if not better than what you’re currently using. Here’s some more detailed information that backs that up.