A meal's worth of food delivered right to your door? We think this mealkit thing is gonna be big.

Where it all started. While we offer expertise in shipping any perishable goods, we have more experience shipping mealkits than any other insulated packaging company.

The food delivery industry has exploded in the last couple of years and we’ve been developing products to help companies like yours stand out on the doorstep. We look to address the concerns of not only our clients but also their end consumers.

Glutton for packaging.
One of the biggest complaints from avid mealkit users is how much waste in packaging they dispose of each week. That’s why we’ve focused our product line on sustainability, offering products that are made from 100% recycled materials all the way up to fully recyclable and compostable options.

Weight, there’s more!
Another part of the shipping process we’re focused on is reducing the overall weight of your deliveries. Our liners ship flat meaning we can deliver more of them to your facility for less freight. They also perform better than some EPS foam liners, meaning you can ship your orders with less ice packs, saving you on shipping costs and your customers on back pain.

Liners as natural as the food you ship.
Our liners are composed of a combination of plant fibers, meaning they came from the same ground as the rhubarb inside of them. No chemically-produced foams or old shredded jeans, just natural fibers.

Key Features


We believe that the product life should more closely match the usage life. This product can be composted, where it will biodegrade back into water, CO2, and dirt through anaerobic digestion.

Custom Branding

Private labeling is available with this product. Ask us how we can help you make a statement and enhance your brand.

Water Resistant

Our paper is coated in a proprietary substance that is both food safe and impervious to moisture.

Best Products for Shipping Mealkits

We work with a lot of mealkit companies and are always looking at unique design options for potential clients.
Whether you want an off-the-shelf or custom solution, we can help.

How It Works

Shipping a mealkit with a TemperPack liner is eco-friendly, economical, but most importantly, it’s easy.

We’ll deliver flat packed TemperPack One-Piece or Two-Piece insulation packs to your facility.

Your warehouse workers place the TemperPack insulation packs into cardboard shipping boxes.

Fill each insulation pack with mealkit contents starting with an ice pack on the bottom, then proteins, then produce. Seal the insulation pack and close the cardboard box.

Based on your shipping timelines the TemperPack insulation keeps your mealkit fresh for up to 72 hours.

TemperPack Performance

We know our products will work as well if not better than what you’re currently using. Here’s some more detailed information that backs that up.