We take shipping life sciences very seriously. Whether it’s an insulin order to a diabetic or a trial for a new biogenic, the order needs to get there protected and temperature safe. We’ll work with your existing form factors to design protective cold-chain packaging that suits your needs.

Shipping temperature-sensitive medicines and specimens presents a unique challenge for many specialty pharmacy and drug producers. Your company has put time, money, people and other valuable resources into developing biopharmaceutical products that can do everything from supply a blood transfusion to vaccinate against a disease.

Any time you ask someone in the field of medicine to give up some control to outside influences, you’re going to get a little weary. One critical factor impacting their quality and stability as they leave your door and travel to medical treatment centers, clinical trial sites and other consumers is strict, and often required, temperature controls. Temperature sensitive biologics, including popular products seeing significant sales growth, require consistent, carefully constructed shipping environments involving frozen, refrigerated and controlled room temperature ranges. Additionally, detailed regulatory requirements stemming from a range of authority groups such as the FDA and CDC mean that packaging equipment needs to be intelligently designed and up to date.

Affordable prices for patients are key as well, and that gets harder to maintain with a hefty price tag on packaging. But TemperPack has developed a number of cold-chain products specifically for shipping biologics over 24, 48, or even 72-hour periods. The TemperPack refrigerated unit is pre-qualified and has a number of unique features designed to help your shipments stay protected longer while saving you money in the process.

When you switch to the TemperPack refrigerated design you can rest easy knowing your shipments will arrive safe, regardless of what may arise in the shipping process.

Key Features


When shipping, storing, and disposing, this design will fold flat to minimize space and improve handling. This decreases shipping costs and lowers warehousing space.


This unique design includes a 100% water proof payload chamber that will ensure the exterior of the box remains perfectly dry when the job requires wet ice or high condensation materials.

High R-Value

The insulation powering this product has been designed to out-perform EPS on an inch by inch basis. Performance is at the heart of what we do, and we have over 1,000,000 hours of thermal testing to back it up.

Best Products for Life Sciences Shipping

We are always testing our products with the offerings from current and potential new clients. Below are some of our favorite products for shipping life sciences.

How It Works

Shipping life sciences with TemperPack is eco-friendly, economical, but most importantly, it’s easy.

We’ll develop a custom pre-qualified packaging solution for your specific needs that stands up to an ISTA performance profile that we’ve agreed upon.

We can ship these pack designs to your facilities either fully kitted or flat packed to save cost in shipping and space in your facility.

If flat packed, your workers will simply assemble the box and insulation, then add the lower coolant, then the inner shipping box with the pharmaceuticals to the pack.

Add the upper coolant to the box and seal. Based on your shipping timelines the TemperPack insulation keeps your biologics fresh for up to 72 hours.

TemperPack Performance

We know our products will work as well if not better than what you’re currently using. Here’s some more detailed information that backs that up.