Scope 1 Emissions

This is an estimate of emissions from our own facilities and assets, based on educated assumptions about the fuel used by vehicles we’ve leased and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s Transportation Fuel Tool. In our 2022 report, we will include any other direct emissions that come from other owned equipment (e.g. refrigeration, boilers, furnaces).


Scope 2 Emissions

Energy we purchased from Dominion Energy and Nevada Power for all three of our manufacturing and corporate facilities. Approximately 17% of that energy use came from renewable sources, including solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, or nuclear.


Water Use

Water used in our Richmond manufacturing facilities. In our 2022 report, we hope to include our Las Vegas plant water usage.


Water Deep Dive

Fresh water is perhaps our most valuable resource. As part of our Life Cycle Assessment, which was audited by Long Trail Sustainability, we wanted to better understand our water use across the whole life cycle of our product.


Total water use in a typical ClimaCell solution, which includes the cardboard box and the packaging materials in which they are shipped to our customers:

Cardboard Box

ClimaCell Liner Material

Distribution Materials





Comparing to EPS

By using ClimaCell instead of EPS, we avoided the creation of 29,500 MT of CO2e

Our ClimaCell® thermal liners were invented to be a curbside recyclable alternative to expanded polystyrene foam (EPS, Styrofoam®). When our customers choose ClimaCell over EPS, they prevent the release of toxins into the environment and keep waste out of landfills.

That's the same as...


taken off the road for an entire year.

487K+ Trees

being planted and grown for 10 years.

3.5MM+ Smartphones

charged for a year.

1.1MM+ Light bulbs

changed from incandescent to LED.


Pounds of waste diverted in 2021 using TerraCycle, N.O.P.E, and TFC recycling in our Richmond facilities.

Cleaning House, One Step at a Time

Minimizing waste sent to landfill is a motivation in our office, too. We’re launching a new partnership with CleanRiver, to help us develop a new waste station made out of recycled content that will help capture more of our waste and get it recycled. This upgrade in how we capture waste builds on existing relationships:

⸻ Office Waste Diversion


for capturing difficult to recycle materials (wrappers, films) that normally require a trip to an off-side facility.

N.O.P.E. Compost

for capturing food and compostable packaging waste.

TFC Recycling

for capturing traditional paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum recycling.

2022 Goals for Environmental Impact ·

Scope 3 Emissions

We’re working to better understand our upstream and downstream impact to estimate and report our Scope 3 emissions.

Comparative LCA

We’re completing a 3rd-party verified, ISO compliant Life Cycle Assessment comparing ClimaCell to other materials.

Safety First

As a manufacturer, our #1 priority is Safety. We implemented additional safety training and awards in 2021 to deepen our focus on safety, and our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) improved 10% compared to 2020. That’s great, but our goal for TRIR is zero. That’s nearly unheard of in a manufacturing operation of our scale, but that remains our focus every day.


We want TemperPack to be a place where people feel they belong, are free to be themselves, and empowered to do their best work.

This year, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force continued to promote inclusiveness in the company culture and track progress against our DEI priorities.

  • We surveyed employees (anonymously) on their thoughts and perspectives on our efforts on diversity, equity, and inclusion; recommendations for improvements; and evaluation of our leadership’s focus on promoting opportunities for everyone at TemperPack, regardless of differences.
  • We have specific, measurable diversity improvement goals that are reviewed by senior executives or our Board of Directors.
  • We have created culture focused interview questions for all positions and partner with local groups that focus on hiring diverse candidates.


Our Leadership And Development In Executing Success (L.A.D.I.E.S.) initiative, which is open to employees of all gender identities, continued with new programming to help employees develop and grow in their careers.

Community Outreach

We also created opportunities for employees to work together to help our community.

Capital Trail

TemperPack has adopted a segment of the Virginia Capital Trail, which employees volunteered to clean and remove litter.

Heart Walk

TemperPack participated in the 2021 Richmond Heart Walk to help fight cardiovascular disease here in the Commonwealth. The Heart Walk is the American Heart Association's premier event for raising funds to save lives from this country's No. 1 and No. 5 killers - heart disease and stroke. Our participation helped raise awareness and donations will help fund lifesaving breakthroughs.

Task Force

TemperPack has a dedicated task force focused on ESG initiatives. This task force includes our Chief Executive Officer and collaborates with our Board of Directors to drive progress on ESG initiatives.

Customer Approval

out of 10 NPS Score

We try to solicit input from stakeholders across our ecosystem. This includes our customers, who received two surveys this year asking for input on what’s important to them and how we can be better. Our average response to the question “how likely are you to recommend TemperPack” was an 8.95 out of 10 across both surveys.

Employee Approval

We also surveyed employees about their experience at TemperPack, including giving the chance for employees to provide anonymous feedback on their manager or on other topics that they would like to raise.

We also conducted stay interviews with employees from varying levels of the organizational hierarchy about their experience at TemperPack. These discussions have initiated several improvements in the safety, training, and communication of our teams.

Strategic Partnerships

Lastly, we have purposefully surrounded ourselves with partners who help us stay informed and provide counsel when needed. In addition to our board, these include:

2022 Goal for Social and Governance Impact ·


Our first priority remains safety. Our safety goal is a TRIR of Zero.


Develop and formalize a materiality assessment to shape our ESG strategy and reporting priorities going forward.


Adopt a formal, widely recognized reporting methodology for our 2022 impact report