Easy assembly, powerful insulation.

Our two-piece liners lock together to form a protective barrier around your goods inside any cardboard box. The Two-Piece design is lightweight, flat-packable, and keeps your goods cooled for up to 72 hours.

Available Outer Materials

Key Features

Water Resistant

Our paper is coated in a proprietary substance that is both food safe and impervious to moisture.


When shipping, storing, and disposing, this design will fold flat to minimize space and improve handling. This decreases shipping costs and lowers warehousing space.

Custom Branding

Private labeling is available with this product. Ask us how we can help you make a statement and enhance your brand.

The Two-Piece Performance

Our Two-Piece design performs just as well as EPS in any season. Take a look at some of the tests we've performed below.

Industries Using Two-Piece

Variants of the Two-Piece

Our Two-Piece liners are our most popular product and come in a variety of sizes and designs.