Slip, seal, ship.Insulated shipping has never been so simple.

Our insulated sleeves are great for shipping single objects, large and small. Tempersleeves come in multiple widths, lengths, and even depths to securely ship your perishable goods.

Available Outer Materials

Key Features


This unique design includes a 100% water proof payload chamber that will ensure the exterior of the box remains perfectly dry when the job requires wet ice or high condensation materials.

FreightFighter Technology™

This product is designed to reduce the overall weight of your shipments while still keeping them temperature regulated.

Custom Branding

Private labeling is available with this product. Ask us how we can help you make a statement and enhance your brand.

The Tempersleeve Performance

Our Tempersleeves perform just as well as EPS in any season, plus their form factor saves money on shipping costs. Take a look at some of the tests we've performed below.

Industries Using Tempersleeve