Flank, ribeye, or filet? Prosciutto, kielbasa, or tenderlion? Whatever your specialty is, we can help you ship your mouth-watering eats and save you a little dough in the process. Meat lovers rejoice.

Meats are delicious, but they’re also heavy and pose their own interesting problems when you start shipping them. We know that your customers want the ease of getting specialty meats shipped right to their door paired with the experience of buying a nice center cut right from their local butcher. That’s why when we work with companies that specifically ship meat, we have a few ideas that enhance the overall experience and help save you money in your shipping costs.

BioKraft: A butcher’s touch.
The BioKraft liner in either One-Piece or Two-Piece has a natural feeling similar to butcher’s paper and makes your consumers feel like they’re getting the freshest cuts of meat possible when they open your box. We recommend this material first and foremost for anyone focused on shipping meat.

Aged 21 days, ships in 72-hours.
Typically, specialty meat shippers have to ship on a 24-48 hour timeline due to concerns about box temperatures and bacteria growth that can ruin a fresh cut of meat. But our box liners offer cooling performance up to 72-hours, meaning you can ship 3-day instead of 2-day.

Key Features

FreightFighter Technology™

This product is designed to reduce the overall weight of your shipments while still keeping them temperature regulated.

Custom Branding

Private labeling is available with this product. Ask us how we can help you make a statement and enhance your brand.

High R-Value

The insulation powering this product has been designed to out-perform EPS on an inch by inch basis. Performance is at the heart of what we do, and we have over 1,000,000 hours of thermal testing to back it up.

Best Products for Shipping Specialty Meat

We are always testing our products with the offerings from current and potential new clients. Below are some of our favorite products for shipping various types of meats.

TemperPack Performance

We know our products will work as well if not better than what you’re currently using. Here’s some more detailed information that backs that up.