Proving Ground is one of the nation's largest ISTA®-certified Thermal Transport Labs.

We know how important it is to ensure your shipments arrive exactly as your customers expect, every time. That’s why we founded Proving Ground, a dedicated space and team within TemperPack for product testing and development. Proving Ground is our engineering playground where we develop new solutions to solve a host of shipping problems.

Born out of testing.

There has never been a TemperPack without a research & development lab. Even starting out, thermal testing took place in our co-founder’s parent’s sauna. Today, we have much more sophisticated equipment and dedicated space, but the mission remains the same – how do we make packaging a better experience for everyone involved?


Samples delivered to companies since 2015.


Logger hours of thermal testing conducted.


Dedicated packaging engineers on staff to solve your problems.


Patents awarded by the US Patent Office.

Standardized Testing Against Specific Temperature Profiles

We use a combination of thermal modeling and environmental testing chambers to validate pack-outs for temperature-sensitive shipments. We can test against any number of standard or custom thermal profiles, recommend testing profiles for your specific needs, and even develop custom profiles based on the exact packaging specifications you may need. Additionally, we develop reports for every test we perform and we’ll make sure you have all of the data and paperwork needed to meet your regulatory requirements.

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We have invested over $10MM in specialized equipment to help customers innovate their packaging solutions for any number of criteria, including: thermal performance, dim weight, unboxing experience, moisture resistance, and many more.

Environmental Chambers

Thermotron SM-16C
Thermotron SM-32C
Thermotron SE-2000
CSZ WM-392 (walk-in)

Conditioning Chambers

Custom Walk-in Refrigerator
Custom Walk-in Freezer
SoLow DH4-45SGD Laboratory Refrigerator

Temperature Data Loggers

T&D TR-71wf

Heat Flow Meter

Thermtest HFM-100

Physical Testing

Instron 3365 Tensile/Compression tester

Prototyping Equipment

ClimaCell Press
DT-2000 CAD Table
Custom-build encapsulation & cutting equipment

Located in Richmond, VA.

Our lab is located smack in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard, making it easy to get to if you want to come visit. But don’t worry, we’re happy to hop on the phone if you can’t make the trip.

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