ClimaCell is a great way to protect wine bottles when you’re shipping them to customers across town or across the country. Unlike oil-based plastics such as synthetic foams or bubble wrap, the primary ingredients of ClimaCell are renewable and plant-based. Just like your wine. ClimaCell provides thermal protection, as well as protection from shock. And with kraft paper encapsulation, it provides the premium experience your wine customers will appreciate.

Every supply chain is different. Off-the-shelf solutions simply don't make the cut in a highly optimized operation. We understand the work that goes into packaging design, and why product features need be elastic enough to align with set budgets. We’ll work with you to take the headache out of these decisions and build you a solution that works best for your brand and operation.




Custom Branding  

Full protection, both shock and thermal.

The kitted ClimaCell shipping system provides excellent protection during transit for anywhere between 4 and 12 bottles of wine.

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Available Product Features

We know not every feature needs to be in every design, that’s why we’ll work with you to develop a shipping solution that meets the requirements you need at a budget that fits your bottom line.

ClimaCell Keeps Wine Cool for 3-Day Shipping.

ISTA®-Certified Lab Results:
Testing based on ISTA-7E 72-hr Summer profile in a 15.75” x 11.5” x 18.5” container with three 48-oz frozen gel packs

TemperPack's ClimaCell is proven to protect wine in transit up to 72 hours, opening the option of summer delivery to customers.

The ClimaCell Advantage

Renewable Inputs

Made from renewable and recycled natural materials

Corporate Social Responsibility

Meets CSR compliance guidelines for responsible packaging

Dimensional Flexibility

Changes to fit multiple size shipments easily

Customizable Pack-outs

Easily change pack-outs to keep products cool from 24-96+

Curbside Recyclable

Designated 'Widely Recyclable' by How2Recycle®

Customer Perception

Premium look and feel customers expect

Operational Flexibility

Packaging can be received flat-packed or kitted

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We’ve helped dozens of companies reduce their packaging costs and lower their overall impact on the environment. Give us a shout and we’ll work with you to develop a solution that suits your shipping needs.

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