TemperPack is thrilled to release our 2018 Environmental Impact Report. With increased demand and continued innovation, we far exceeded the emissions goal we set at the beginning of the year.

At the start of 2018, we set a goal of avoiding the creation of 15 million pounds of CO2E emissions thanks to customers choosing our products over Styrofoam® and bubble wrap. But through the year we topped that and avoided the creation of over 25 million pounds of CO2E.

We developed our Environmental Impact Report based on manufacturing and distribution data for the products we sold in 2018, as well as emissions data from the EPA. You can download it here.

We thank our customers for trusting us to protect their products. We look forward to working together to reduce the environmental impact of packaging even more in the future. Our goal for 2019? An even more ambitious 40 million pounds of CO2E avoided.